Support Kenyan communities

Our Core Values

Serve Kenya holds on to several christian values. According to Gods Word we need to look after the disadvantaged of society (James 1:27). We base our work on this understanding of the Bible.

Gods Blessing

Psalms 127:1 says: "Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain." We believe that Gods blessing is essential to the work of Serve Kenya. Without his presence and blessing we "build in vain". 

Serving Kenya

We want to serve Kenyan communities and people. This means that we want to help develop a healthy society without expecting anything in return. We want to serve with our time, energy and money. 


We believe that our work should serve social justice in Kenya. Therefor we ask ourselves the question "is this fair?" in everything we do. For example, we prevent false competition through lending local businesses money instead of giving them money freely. 


It is important that our drive, enthusiasm and passion is used in a wise and deliberate way. We have several advisors and experiences developmental workers to advise us on our works, plans and mindset. In doing this we combine passion with experience and wisdom. 

Investing Time and Energy

Time has taught developmental workers that donating money can stimulate passive behavior in the local receivers. That is why we attach great value to the active attitude of our local businessman and -woman. The local businesses can only be successful through the investment of time and energy oflocal community members. 


Serve Kenya works with volunteers only. Even the board members work on a voluntary base. We try to keep the costs for PR as low as possible by working mainly via social media, personal networks and churches. 

We believe that responsibility and transparency need to be core values in our financial dealings. If you have any questions about our financial status or spendings, we would love to explain our ideas and practices. Please contact us via mail.