Unless the Lord builds the housethe builders labor in vain

Poultry farm

In Short

Serve Kenya invests in the economy of Angurai, our goal is to work there up to the point that they can be self-reliant. The community of Angurai is full of potential but there is a lack of (financial) opportunity. We offer business plans and ideas the chance to flourish through offering loans to strict selected business plans and entrepreneurs. These projects are supervised by successful and knowledgeable Kenyans. 


We have worked more than six months on the development of a strong business plan for the chicken farm. The Kenyans developed the idea which we critically researched. We were advised by a professors of Wageningen University and ETF Leuven who are experts in tropical poultry and agriculture. We also talked about the business plan with experience poultry farmers such as G. van Putten (who started over 100 chicken farms in Ethiopia) and K. de Jong, one of Holland's most successful poultry farmers. 

We are also blessed with help from the Kenyan government. The minister of 'agriculture and animals' in Busia county was very enthusiastic about our chicken farm and he helped us with some essential contacts in Kenya. This made possible for our chicken farmers to visit a successful chicken farm in Busia (Kenya). 

The chicken farm is extended to a total of 850 chicken. It offers employment to 3 locals and the business makes a good profit, due to the large question for eggs. The beauty of this project is that it's success is the result of a good cooperation between Serve Kenya and the locals. 

Connection to our Mission

The social profit plan of the chicken farm is to spend all profit on the care of the local orphans. The community has offered orphans a place in their homes, but the financial costs of this act of love are most of the time too high for the families. That is where the profit comes in. Due to the success of this local business, the local community can now support every orphan in their financial and social needs.