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Water for Growth

Water for Growth is a project from- and for farmers in Kamarandi. The first phase of the project made sure that 12 farmers are connected to the irrigation system. 

The average temperature in Kamarandi lies between the 30 and 35 degrees. Rain is also a very rare phenomenon. Therefor the local farmers struggle to keep their lands moist and fertile. In September 2014 Martin and Andre van Meijeren travelled to Kenya, together with Serve Kenya board member Marc Nuijten. These two Dutch engineers designed an irrigation system that changed the lives of the people in Kamarandi. The people from the community had a very clear idea: to water the lands, so that the harvest prevented the community from starvation. 

The nearby Mutonga river, descending from the highest mountain in Kenya (Mt. Kenya), offers a permanent source of water. There was however a difference in height between the river and the village (30 meters). Due to the Dutch knowledge and the Kenyan work attitude we build a drainage-basin on the highest point in the village (the school). A strong pump propels the water from the river to the basin. Then, gravity makes the water from the drainage-basin flow to the lands of the farmers.

The first phase made sure that 12 farmers are connected to the water supply. We made the agreement that every farmer hires 1 or 2 employees to help them with their lands. Therefor the project provides income for over 20 families! We have the vision to expand this project, in cooperation with local government and other farmers. 

We are looking for extra sponsors to support the finalization of the first phase, and the start-up of the next phase. We make sure that 100% of your support is invested in the project. We even pay our flights to Kenya ourselves, so that the money is invested in the lives that need it the most.  

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