Looking Forward

Projects in the Future

We are very grateful for the realization of the SERVE Kenya projects. It takes a lot of input, from local Kenyans as well as our advisors and boardmembers, to start a new project. We are dreaming of a future in which small and poor Kenyan communities will have the possibilities to be self sufficient. Several businesses and projects will start this coming year. 

Next Months

Because of the success of the irrigational system in Theraka, these coming months will be spend on preparing "phase two". We intend to bring the water to more than 30 farmers in the area of Theraka. This is an immense project, but the local community has proven to be highly committed to the success of the project. We need approximately €45.000,- to realize phase two of the irrigational system.

Are you curious to see the effects of the first phase? View our short movie here.

Coming Year

We are looking forward to start up new businesses in Angurai as well. We are planning a third expansion of the chickenfarm, due to the high demand of eggs in the region. Another dream of the local community is to start businesses for single mothers and woman. A sowing workplace and a peanutbutter factory are therefore considered as new businesses plans.