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Our Projects

Serve Kenya invests in good ideas. Ideas that can change the economic and social environment of local communities. In cooperation with motivated locals, Serve Kenya turns these ideas in to business plans. After the approval of our advisors and possible experts we start to gather financial support for the particular business plan. This way Serve Kenya allows good ideas to become reality. So far we have successfully started two projects: 

Chicken Farm in Angurai

Our first project is a chicken farm. In the meanwhile the farm has been extended due to it's success. Several families can live of the salary of the employees and the profit of the chicken farm is spent on the financial support of local orphans. You can read all about this business here.

Water Irrigation Project in Theraka

September 2014 was an exiting month in Theraka! In cooperation with Dutch professional engineers and Kenyan farmers form Theraka, Serve Kenya has realized a water irrigation system. This system supplies water to the acres of 12 different farmers and their employees. Before the irrigation system, the farmers had no water (due to the dry climate) and the local economy was dried up as well. This irrigation system support not only the local farmers, but also the whole community in their effort to become self-reliant. 

Other Projects in Angurai

The community in Angurai is very eager to improve their economic and social environment. Therefore several projects are in the make. We are considering to start a small peanutbutter factory, a clothing store and a little corn factory. If you are interested in one of these projects, please contact us.