Supporting Entrepeneurshipand Local Communities

About Serve Kenya

Serve Kenya is a foundation that contributes to the wellbeing of disadvantaged communities in Angurai (West-Kenia) and Kamarandi (Mid-East Kenia). S.E.R.V.E. Kenya stands for Supporting Education by Realizing Virtuous Entrepreneurship. It is our goal to help create self-relying communities, and we do this by starting and overseeing small local businesses. Every business plan must include a social-profit-plan, for instance the profit of the chickenfarm in Angurai helps support several orphans and their adoptive parants. You can read more about the businesses and their goals on our vision and mission page.

The origins of Serve Kenya

Serve Kenya is founded by Steven Parmentier and Marc Nuijten. The initiative for Serve Kenya derived from a close friendship with two Kenyan Sammy's. The first (Sammy Panyako) was a Kenyan classmate. We visited his home and community (in Angurai, Kenya) in September 2012. The work attitude of the local community stood out during this visit. Despite their poverty everyone worked hard for a chance to improve their living conditions, and to take care of the many orphans in their region. In witnessing this, we decided to start looking for a structural solution for the poverty in the community. We have known the second Sammy (Sammy Kaunga) since 2009, through Compassion. He is a very inspiring and wise man, with a huge network of people. His birthplace, Kamarandi, is the location of Serve Kenya's second business project. 

Based on our longstanding friendships with these two local man, we build our businesses via a trustworthy and local network. 


Serve Kenya is founded by Marc Nuijten and Steven Parmentier, both theologians. They form the board of Serve Kenya, in cooperation with Dorine Sommer, who has a background in public administration and organizational studies. 

Director: Marc Nuijten, MaA

Treasurer: Steven Parmentier, MaA

Secretary: Dorine Sommer, MbA

Serve Kenya works exclusively with volunteers. The board members of Serve Kenya do not receive any income for their work. We made this decision based on the belief that all of the financial support should go to the businesses in Kenya. In doing this, we make sure that your support ends up on the right place. 


Serve Kenya works with several advisors, in order to work wisely and efficient. These advisors guide us in the development of businesses and projects. We receive advice from independent experts in development. These advisors come from the Netherlands, Belgium and Kenya.